Test the water before you join!


Here’s how:

Drop by and say “hello” at one of our monthly meetings (see our Next Meeting page for date and location details). If you like what you see and hear then drop by again the next month and be sure to bring your questions and a model (or just your questions, we’re easy) and we’ll help you get started!  The first two meetings are free so drop on by! After your second meeting we would appreciate you joining our club. Our club dues pay for various things such as community programs and sponsorships of trophies in contests. We are happy to have visitors but even happier when you join our club of award winning modelers.

Absolutely no prior model building experience is necessary!


Joining SDMB FAQs:


Q: What is model building?

A: Drop by and we’ll show you. Basically it is taking a box of plastic pieces and gluing them together, painting them, and applying decals to create a little masterpiece you can call your own! Here’s an example of a detailed Friendship 7 kit:


You can also build simple models that require no glue. These are called Snap together or Snap-Fit models and just snap together. Here is an example of a completed Snap-Fit A-10 Warthog model:

Insert A-10 photo


Q: What age do you have to be?

A: Modeling is for all ages!


Q: Why should I build a model?

A: Modeling teaches people, both young and old, how to complete a project and is very rewarding. It is a very social hobby with events beyond just monthly meetings. Also, many people enjoy working with their hands to create their own mini-masterpiece. 


Q: Is model building expensive?

A: Like all hobbies, you can fit modeling to your budget.


Q: Where do I buy models?

A: Several places in town: Ace on 22nd & Kolb, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, from club members, model shows and swap meets.


Q: Why should I build?

A: It is fun to see your box of plastic come together and look like a real car, ship, airplane, or figurine. It is a satisfying and relaxing hobby and very social too!


Q: Can I bring the kids along to the meeting?

A: Of course! Children are our hobby’s future. Without them learning the hobby and subsequently driving the hobby manufacturers to produce model kits there will be no future model kits made. We hope you encourage them to build models so that modeling won’t go extinct.

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